Yoga and Meditation with Former NFL Player Keith Mitchell at Mii amo

Source: Instagram @mii_amo_spa
Source: Instagram @mii_amo_spa

Prepare to feel the power of transformation alongside one of America’s favorite former NFL players, Keith Mitchell.

December 7 – 10, Mii amo in Sedona will be hosting a yoga and meditation retreat, led by Mitchell himself.

Read on to learn more about Mitchell’s journey to yoga, and how you can join in on it.

From Football to Flower Pose

It’s no secret that football is a rough sport. Running, slamming, tackling — these are just a few of the verbs that explain the physical aspects of this sport.

And Keith Mitchell is no stranger to the sport, or to the damage it can cause the body.

Mitchell suffered a football injury that left him partially paralyzed, and in this time, he turned to yoga and meditation to help him in his recovery.

Source: Instagram @mii_amo_spa

His discovery of the incredible transformational powers of yoga and meditation led him to become a Motivational Mindfulness Coach, a Holistic Health & Fitness Advocate, a Community Activist, and a Humanitarian.

And you have the opportunity to witness with your own eyes the transformation that Mitchell has gone through, and to hopefully experience one for yourself.


Ignite Your Greatness

Source: Instagram @mii_amo_spa

This retreat provides the perfect opportunity (in the perfect place, as well) for you to clear your mind of all the holiday stress, and other things clouding your happiness, and truly reconnect with yourself.

By focusing on being present in the moment, and not looking to the past or future, Mitchell will lead a number of motivational activities to help you let go of stress and instead reach for joy.

This three-day exclusive retreat will show how you can “ignite your greatness” and truly transform yourself.

In addition to the activities led by Mitchell, this all-inclusive retreat will also include:

  • private accommodations
  • two spa treatments every day
  • healthy meals at Mii amo Cafe


To reserve one of the very limited spots in this retreat, visit Mii amo’s website here.

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