Talking Stick Resort Introduces New, Chef-Led Summer Cooking Classes

Talking Stick Resort is offering an exciting opportunity for culinary enthusiasts this summer. Two of their acclaimed restaurants, Tash and Orange Sky, will be hosting cooking classes as part of the “Craft Your Summer” program. These exclusive classes provide attendees with personalized instruction from talented chefs.

These immersive culinary experiences are perfect for a memorable date night or a fun gathering with friends. While both restaurants are offering classes, the course offerings differ between the two locations. Tash, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant known for its tapas, seafood and meat dishes, focuses on the unique cuisines of various Southern European regions. On the other hand, Orange Sky, a scenic fine dining establishment, offers classes where guests can prepare exquisite dishes paired with beverage tastings. 

Classes at Tash are headed by Chef Julio Ramos, who has worked at Talking Stick for over a decade. Each class includes two hours of hands-on culinary instruction, a craft signature cocktail, a commemorative photo and take-home recipe cards. 

The next class, Napoli di Notte, on June 22 takes guests on an Italian adventure, where they’ll learn to spin pizzettas and bake them in an authentic 900-degree oven. Guests will also build beautiful charcuterie designs and experience draft cocktails, such as the Limoncello Spritz, Sicilian Kiss and nonalcoholic Italian Cream Soda. The night ends with a delicious cannoli dessert.

On August 17, students at the Casablanca Nights class will embark on a culinary exploration of the Southern Mediterranean. Flavor spotlights include Hummus Lamb & Beef Kofta Turkish style Meatballs, Sabich served as an Israeli Flatbread sandwich and Knafeh as a Mediterranean Cheesecake for dessert. Cocktail offerings for the night include Mint Julep Greek Mati, Middle Eastern Limonana and a non-alcoholic version.

Finally, Chef Julio will lead the Tour de France on August 24, where guests will create authentic dishes, such as Moules Marinière, Ratatouille and Gateau Chocolate. Attendees will feel as though they’re truly in the French Riviera after savoring Black Rosé and French Connection.

At Orange Sky, the renowned Chef de Cuisine Martin Yepez brings two decades of culinary experience to Talking Stick. Yepez led the Talking Stick culinary team to numerous awards, including winning the Arizona Indian Gaming Association’s Chef Challenge twice. His courses come with two hours of hands-on instruction, a craft signature cocktail and a commemorative photo.

On June 15, Yepez will host Crafting Dry Aged Meats Dinner, where guests will learn how to craft meatballs using 20-day and 45-day aged beef ribeye while enjoying smoked cocktails. The class will provide insight into the process of dry aging and how it affects the meat.

Wild Game Hunt Dinner on July 20 will feature Wild Game and Vegetables and Antelope Striploin. Guests will create their own “Spice Blend” from a selection of herbs, learning how each spice enhances the flavor of certain meats. The evening will conclude with a bacon fat bourbon tasting.

Chef Yepez showcases his Mexican roots in Sunset Dinner in Mexico on August 3 and The Great Southwest Dinner on August 10, where attendees will prepare Squash Blossom and Oaxacan Cheese Gorditas, followed by Moulard Duck Breast & Leg sausage in Oaxacan Mole. The traditional meal will finish with an authentic tequila tasting.

These exciting culinary classes are open to the public as well as resort guests. Tash’s courses are priced at $65, while Orange Sky’s classes are available for $100. To secure your spot and indulge in these exceptional culinary experiences, register for Tash’s courses by clicking here or reserve Orange Sky’s classes here.

Photos courtesy Talking Stick Resort

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