An Electric Western Vibe at Tucson’s Downtown Clifton Hotel


Photo Courtesy of: The Downtown Clifton Hotel 

Feature by: Hector Salas

At the center of Tucson’s ever-changing Downtown arts scene, and with vibrant colors splashed across the property, The Downtown Clifton Hotel proves to be a one-stop destination for those who take pleasure in experiencing local art while being submersed in a culturally rich and diverse city.  

The Downtown Clifton Hotel is a mid-century styled boutique hotel with luxurious modern amenities while radiating an electric western vibe driven from Tucson’s finest craftsmanship. The facility incorporates art collected and created from local artists in Tucson throughout its decor theme. 

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Guests can expect rooms to be equipped with queen beds handmade in Tucson along with wooden ceilings that help bring that western vibe to life. Bright bold colored blankets and bedspreads help create a contrast with the concrete floors.

Each room has unique characteristics such emerald green bathrooms or black and cream tile work. Mini fridges are stocked with some of Tucson’s finest local food producers for guests to snack on. Flat screen high-definition televisions with built-in Roku allows guests to stream Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora along with other applications and integrated in every room.

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Facing the Barrio Viejo, The Downtown Clifton Hotel is at the epicenter of Downtown Tucson.

Bon Boutique is located two blocks south of the hotel, where guests can go and take a Parisian detour while staying.

Cafe Desta is adjacent to the chic Parisian shop, where guests can partake in Ethiopian culture by indulging in some authentic food from the country at Five Points Market and Restaurant, where hotel guests of The Downtown Clifton Hotel get one daily complimentary meal. This is a part of a local collaboration incorporated to increase traffic in local businesses throughout Tucson.

Tucson’s rapidly changing downtown districts is full of quirky shopping, eccentric live music and movie theaters along with museums and bars. There are so many exciting options available for any palate.  

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