U.S. News & World Report Names the Grand Canyon as One of Top 30 Destinations in the World

As one of the world’s natural wonders, the Grand Canyon is recognized for its impressive scale, deep valleys and beautiful rock formations. U.S. News & World Report has ranked Grand Canyon National Park as one of the World’s 30 Best Places to Visit, as well as a top vacation destination in the U.S. 

Grand Canyon National Park ranks No. 28 in World’s Best Places to Visit and No. 3 in Best Places to Visit in the U.S. The Grand Canyon is also No. 1 for Best Places to Visit in Arizona and for the Best Day Trips from Phoenix.

Measuring approximately 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep, the Grand Canyon is a massive chasm in Northern Arizona that attracts about 4 million visitors each year. Its striking patterns and ridges have been formed over the last six million years by the Colorado River, which has exposed rocks dating back to over 250 million years old. 

Officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and national park, the Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring destination for tourists and locals alike. Grand Canyon National Park offers many ways to enjoy the magnificent views, including sightseeing, hiking, camping, river rafting and helicopter tours. 

There are multiple viewpoints and trails on both sides of the Grand Canyon, as well as amenities within the park, such as lodging, restaurants and grocery stores where visitors can stay and stock up before their day’s adventures. The Grand Canyon’s South Rim is usually the most popular for tourists and offers more establishments, while its North Rim offers a more nature-focused experience with advanced hiking and camping opportunities. 

If the Grand Canyon is on your list of future vacation destinations, U.S. News & World Report recommends visiting the park March through May and September through November to avoid most of the crowds and the summer heat. Since the summer is the busiest season, visitors can get the most out of their time at the Grand Canyon during the spring and fall when there is more lodging availability and the North Rim hasn’t yet closed for winter. 

To learn more about what you can see and do at Grand Canyon National Park, read the travel guide by U.S. News & Travel Report here.

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