Seize the Off-Season Prices at This AZ Fave Resort

As we sit here covered in sweat from this heat, we are looking for positive things to focus on.

And one such thing is the great off-season deals you get at resorts here in Arizona.

While other destinations are much cooler, their in-seasons prices are not always super cool.

Especially if you’re just looking for a short stay.


And one of our favorite Valley resorts is offering some great deals this summer.

So grab your favorite sun hat and some sunscreen, and head on over to Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa for the deals of the summer.


What’s the hot deal at Sanctuary this summer? Well, there are a few.

Summer Rates

Thanks to the heat, summer rates at Sanctuary have gone to less than half of normal prices — meaning a night at this fab resort’s costs start at just $269.


Mixology 101

Every Saturday at noon you can test out your bartending skills at Mixology 101. Learn the history behind 3-4 tasty cocktails and learn to make them yourself during this class. Plus, you’ll get 15% off your food when you sign up for Mixology 101.

Reservations are required, so set yours up ASAP by calling 480.607.2300.


Bar Brawl

Want to witness the ultimate cocktail showdown? Then grab tickets to Bar Brawl, every Saturday night through the end of August.

Watch as your favorite bartenders battle to make the best cocktail of the night. DJ Hybrid 33 will provide the perfect music to set the mood, and you’ll also enjoy happy hour food and drink prices.

For the schedule, visit here.

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