Phoenix’s Historic 19th Century Norton House Completes Renovation

Located on the corner of 22nd Ave. and Washington, historic Norton Inn has completed a three-year project to reveal a restored home available to rent out for stays, events, weddings and even murder mystery parties.

Built in 1895, the Norton House is a designated landmark with the Historic Preservation-Landmark (HP-L) overlay zoning. The home was built by William R. Norton who is the founder of the Sunnyslope division and designer of the city’s first library Carnegie Library and Globe’s Gila County Courthouse.

The three-bedroom mansion, which has served as an eyesore in the neighborhood, now has new owners and a fresh new look.

“As a real estate investor and house flipper, I have been driving by this house for years. I always thought it was a shame to see a house with such historical value deteriorating. Luckily, through my marketing efforts, I was able to locate the owner of the house and put it under contract. After 3 years of hard work…we all now have something we can enjoy and be proud of…a piece of Arizona history!”

Daniel Alexander, Owner

While guests can rent out the entire home or specific rooms for overnight stays, Norton Inn is also available for events, including murder mystery parties, a unique service they provide. For those looking to tie the knot, the home’s yard offers an ideal space for a wedding ceremony and there’s even a bridal suite on-site.

Norton Inn is available to rent on Airbnb and can be rented per room or for the entire house.

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