The Spa at Bacara in Santa Barbara

The Bacara Resort & Spa has long been the destination of choice for luxury-loving vacationers looking to retreat to the California Coast. Brimming with amenities and teeming with elegance, the Bacara Resort & Spa exudes a truly rejuvenating ambiance throughout its property, none more so than at its acclaimed Spa at Bacara.

Boasting 42,000 square feet of prime pampering real estate, the facilities at The Spa at Bacara offer privacy and serenity for full enjoyment of its extensive spa menu. Of course, the true heartbeat of the spa are its experienced staff. “Bacara is a true gem due to the talents of our team,” says Spa Director Shana Ominsky, who brings 15 years of five-star spa experience to The Spa at Bacara. “Our staff is the best I have worked with in my entire career.”

Recently, AFM connected with Ominsky to discuss the spa’s aim, ambiance and healing therapies.

What is the overall philosophy of the Bacara Spa?

Luxurious pampering.

If you had to describe the spa facilities at Bacara in one word (or a few words) what would it be?

Extraordinary yet understated elegance.

If you had time to receive only one spa treatment at Bacara, which one would it be and why?

I would highly recommend any of our massages as our expert body therapists are the best in the business.

In reviewing Bacara’s Spa Menu (click here to view), there seems to be a comprehensive and unifying theme of catering to all aspects of well-being. Why is it important for Bacara to offer these types of services?

That’s correct. The Spa at Bacara offers a comprehensive and unifying theme of catering to all aspects of well-being. Our guests are savvy travelers (and spa goers) from around the world.  Often, they stay for days and weeks at a time and seek a “destination transformation” experience with healing therapies.

What is on the horizon for the Spa at Bacara?

The Spa at Bacara is introducing a new menu of services, additional spa/resort retreat packages and cutting-edge skin care products. We have a few surprises in store as well.

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