Experience Mandala Painting in Big Sur


In case you aren’t familiar, mandala is the sanskrit word for a circle, but is a far more than just an ordinary circle.

The mandala is an ancient symbol used by Tibetan Monks (and other cultures as well such as Native Americans) in meditation. It is thought that the mandala represents the unconscious self and painting it is a great way to focus your energy.

You have the opportunity to learn more about the incredible mandala and paint one of your own at the individualized instruction available at Big Sur’s Post Ranch Inn. In this class, you will learn about acrylic painting and color theory as well as learn how to use these things to meditate and heal the past, be present, and create new beginnings in your life.


This class is for artists of all skill levels and is great for those who are curious to learn more about alternative forms of meditation. If you struggle to sit in silence and meditate, this class may be the perfect thing for you.

You will get to go home with the mandala you create in class so that you can use it to meditate whenever you’re in need!


This 3-hour long class is priced at $440 per person, or $495 for 2 people.



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