5 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays at Marriott Newport Coast

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What’s known as the “destination for all ages,” Marriott Newport Coast Villas isn’t just a summer escape – in all seasons, there’s truly a magical touch when visiting this luxurious family-oriented community. However, during the winter holidays there’s even more sparkle in the area. With an opulent ocean view, this Pacific Riviera placed destination allows the opportunity to explore an infinite variety of historical sites, arts, culture, and natural scenery to truly take advantage of your full vacation. Here are five reasons why you and your family truly want to celebrate the holidays at Marriott Newport Coast.


  1. Winter Carnival: The always-packed activities calendar will hold its premier winter carnival celebration, for all ages, on December 20th, 2014. From 4-6PM expect music, games, face painting, and family fun.


  1. Coastal Cinema Theatre: This 12-seat theater that resides just below the check-in deck is an exclusive luxury to Newport Coast Villas. This holiday season, expect true cinematic favorites such as: The Giver, Elf, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Story and Frozen.


  1. The Teen Shack: Open from 7am-11PM, this room holds video game systems, arcade games, and large-screen TV’s for teens to join in community and have a space that’s age-friendly and relevant. It’s a gamers paradise!


  1. The Cottage: Enjoy your morning cup of coffee while reading the newspaper, spend quiet time working on your laptop, rent an inquisitive card game, or enjoy great conversation in this adult-age room. Open from 8AM-11PM, adults can find a place to escape and peacefully lounge.


  1. This view. No caption necessary.


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