Small Steps to De-Cluttering Your Home Before the Holidays

Open drawer of cabinet with steel pots and pans

Do a Little Every Day  

We all know the holiday season can be hectic, and sometimes your home can get a little neglected. When it comes to tackling organizational goals, try to do a little bit each day. This way, during and after the holidays it won’t seem as if your to-do list has been growing and growing.

Your Closet

Taking on the ever-dreaded closet organization is a great goal to take on around the holidays. It can most likely be done within a few hours if you really commit. Plus, switching between summer, to fall and winter wardrobes usually digs up clothes that we forgot about and no longer need or want. An added benefit is that unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories can be donated to local charities in the spirit of giving for the holidays.


While pulling out your holiday décor that has been stored away for the past year, take the opportunity to go through your storage cupboards and get rid of anything you no longer need or want. Tackling your holiday décor storage while you’re going through it anyway saves some time later.


In the midst of all the cooking and baking for the holidays, we can sometimes find that we have tons of food storage containers that are missing lids, or pans that have grease stains that just won’t come out no matter how hard you scrub. Take this opportunity to throw away and replace what you don’t use anymore.

Although the holiday season is hectic, taking a few small organizational steps will help you have a smoother season and end of the year in general. Happy organizing!

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