6 Reasons to Call Desert Mountain Home

Desert Mountain truly is something special. The North Scottsdale destination is among the finest private golf and recreational communities in the world and certainly solidifies its spot with the opening of Seven Desert Mountain. Whether you’re a golfer, a social butterfly or an avid outdoorsmen, here are six reasons to call Desert Mountain home.

Fore Real: A variety of play with multiple courses and cool-season turf on four of the seven courses allows more days of green grass golf than any other club.

Location, Location, Location: Sitting at a slightly higher elevation lowers Valley temperatures by 10 degrees, extending summer outdoor playtime and evening adventures.

Be a Social Butterfly: The diverse membership offers the chance for like-minded people to enjoy and connect.

Eat Up: Members have their choice of 10 restaurants and grills to satisfy every palate, along with complimentary views and a vibe for every mood.

Join the Club: Desert Mountain has an abundance of options to engage the entire family and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Great Outdoors: Desert Mountain boasts the only private, 20-mile award-winning trail system equipped with the exclusive Trail Guide technology.

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