Weekend Real Estate: How The Jason Mitchell Group Goes Above & Beyond for Clients

Leon Gavartin of The Jason Mitchell Group

This week, top-producing real estate sales consultant Leon Gavartin of The Jason Mitchell Group shares four reasons why you should never buy a home without an agent on your side. 

The Platinum Rule: Becoming the #1 rated  Team in Arizona has been a gradual stride for The Jason Mitchell Group.  

We have all heard the ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ song (or most of us), but this stands true today for me and my group.  Becoming the leading team of realtors in the state took work, dedication…involved system and structure…we even created our own customer relations management system (CRM) in Shabang CRM.  But the most important element was the human interaction.

Leon Gavartin of The Jason Mitchell Group

We at The Jason Mitchell Group understand that the Golden Rule is something to live by, but we cherish the Platinum Rule for our clients.  When the Golden Rule states to treat people as you would like to be treated, we employ the Platinum Rule which is to treat people as they want to be treated.  That is where the difference comes in.  

We understand the human nature and that not all people think and act the same.  We actually take the time to speak with our client’s to have human (real) interactions, even when text might be easier and quicker.  We have enlisted a plethora of partners from lenders, title, movers and even a Concierge service to ensure that our clients receive the best, personal service and complete satisfaction.  

It is no accident that The Jason Mitchell group was ranked #1 by the Phoenix Business Journal…it is straight up hard work and dedication to our trade and to our clients. After all, our clients are the ones that enabled us to propel to #1.  

As the time comes for you to Upsize or Downsize, invest or divest, The Jason Mitchell Group will be there to discuss your goals and help you achieve them.  

We look forward to being of service to you and your families!

If you are looking to buy, sell or just have questions about real estate in general! Please contact me Leon Gavartin via phone 602-329-1918 or e-mail lgavartin@mitchellgroupaz.com .

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