Spring Cleaning 101: Pantry Organization

Now that we’re a few weeks into spring, we simply can’t put off spring cleaning any longer. That is where Ashley Stewart of O.C.D (Organize. Create. Design) comes in. The home organizer extraordinaire gives up the top tips for organizing that messy pantry of yours.


First, take everything out. Sort by category. Throw away all expired items.

Use baskets to contain your items. Baskets keep all of your items organized, and put away.

For cans, we like to use “steps.”  These are shelving inserts you can find at The Container Store. Use to stack your cans so you can see what you have.

Throw away boxes. Use clear containers for cereals and snacks. By seeing what you have, you save money. No more overbuying at the store.

Lazy Susans are great for oils, vinegars, sauces and spices.

Label everything! Labels remind you where things are but, more importantly, where things go. By creating systems the whole family can follow, your pantry should always be able to be maintained and look and feel aesthetically pleasing.

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