Q & A: Irene Catsibris Clary of Catclar Investments


Irene Catsibris Clary, principal of Catclar Investments and the genius behind such in-demand properties as Rosedale Residences and Soho Scottsdale, on 2019 real estate and her winning concepts.

What are homebuyers most interested in at this time? Quality-built homes, energy-star efficiency, good incentives and customer service.

How do you know you have a winning concept on your hands? When buyers walk in and say ‘wow!’ Our concepts are very out of the box and not as common in Arizona. I try to bring in designs from other parts of the country, Canada and Europe. Buyers like the quality we build.

What is the most rewarding part of your career? Creating great projects and making buyers happy.

What about the biggest challenge? The construction industry.

What are the differences among your communities? I wanted the communities to all have their own distinct appeal. The architecture is suited for the location. Rosedale Residences have a Parisian feel. The mansard roof is found all over Paris, and this roof element is also found in the more prominent areas of Arcadia. The project had some pricy architectural features that further enhance the character of the project. The last phase of Rosedale will also include rooftop decks and balconies. Soho Scottsdale has a more contemporary look, with colorful pop-outs and corregated metal elements and public art throughout the community. Soho is the Chinese translation for “small office, home office”—very appropriate as this community has a dual zoning. You can run a small business from your residence. This is the wave of the future, and we are attracting a very eclectic buyer at Soho. It has really become a neighborhood where homeowners congregate at each other’s home for happy hour. It is a green-certified project and has been a collaborative effort with The City of Scottsdale. What is common amongst all of the communities is the energy-star efficiency, soaring ceilings and unique designs.

Who is the perfect candidate for each? It is truly a great eclectic mix of people. Rosedale has many young professionals mixed with some empty nesters and young couples. Soho is also a wonderful mix of down-sizers, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, hockey professionals and business owners.

Are there certain incentives going on right now for potential buyers? Incentives include upgraded appliances, a rooftop deck package and, for a very short period, we will be offering a Jacuzzi with purchase for the townhomes with rooftop decks.

What’s coming up for Catclar in 2019? Additional infill projects, senior living and multifamily-for-rent projects.

What do you foresee for the housing market as a whole in 2019? I truly believe that it will be strong. We have already sold several units this year. As long as the interest rates are stable and stay low, I believe we will have a few more years of great growth.

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