Phoenix Offers Some of the Largest Home Lot Sizes in the Country, Report

New single family homes are often now built larger while lot sizes are getting smaller.

In fact, the median home size is now over 2,260 square feet, up from 2,170 square feet in 2010. Meanwhile, the median lot size of a new home decreased by almost 18%, from 10,500 sq. ft. in  2010 to 8,700 sq. ft. in  2020, according to data from the US Census, reducing the prospects for sizable backyards across the nation.

According to a new report by STORAGECafé’, Phoenix enjoys a median lot size of almost 7,400 square feet and a median home size of over 1,600 square feet, snagging the 8th spot for largest lot size among the nation’s largest cities.

Although median lot sizes have varied little in Phoenix from the 1920s until today – a slight 6% decrease – homes in the Valley have actually doubled in size, resulting in a 35% lot usage nowadays, compared to 16% at the beginning of the analyzed period. Phoenix homes built in the past decade reached a new local 100-year high with a median size of 2,280 sq. ft.

Indianapolis took home the gold as the city with the largest overall home lots followed by Jacksonville, Fla. and Austin, Tex.

Read the full report here.

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