Moving Just Got Easier: Meet Green Bin

Moving is stressful for anyone. So if there is a way to pack and move within the Valley while saving time, money and sanity, you’d want to know, right? That is where Phoenix-owned and -operated Green Bin comes in. The new company provides rentable moving bins to those relocating within the Valley, so there is no begging friends and neighbors for old cardboard boxes when it’s time to start packing and no worries about disposing of said boxes once the move is complete. 

And the process of using Green Bin is easy peasy: Select the rental package you need based on the size of your place. Green Bin delivers your purchased package to your front door, garage or curbside. (Note: stairs and elevators are not included.) Pack the bins with your belongings using the dolly/dollies to easily move the empty or filled bins. Relocate to your new home and enjoy the ease of doing so with stackable, water-resistant moving bins. Unpack the bins in your new home. Green Bin picks up the bins and dolly/dollies from your new home one to four weeks (you choose) post-move.

The bins are cleaned with a non-toxic cleaner, so they are free of bedbugs, pet dander, chemicals, bacteria and other yuckies that might linger in cardboard boxes. The bins are secure and sturdy, so your goods won’t be damaged (even by water). And they have handles and can be stacked, so moving them about is simple and won’t strain. 

Best of all, Green Bins saves trees. According to the EPA, preventing one ton of paper waste saves between 15 and 17 trees. That’s a tree killed for every four moves that buys an 84-box three-bedroom moving box kit! While a cardboard box might be used about three times before it’s recycled, a new Green Bin can be used 400-plus times before it’s recycled.

Green Bin donates packages and the use of it’s bins to local nonprofits.

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