Modern Design: Italian Style

Spacify, the online modern furniture gallery, announced today their new “Made in Italy” section on their website specializing in showcasing Italian Furniture and the best of the best in sharp European Brands. These designers have been hand selected to be featured on the website to give all consumers looking for contemporary furniture design pieces the preferred choices in designer furniture. This is a long awaited addition and specialty section for the website, simply because it showcases such a wide range in Italian designs.


There are more than 20 cutting-edge Italian furniture brands all exhibited in one location on Spacify’s website. Among many of the choices available in these sleek European Brands being featured are Cosmetal, Doimo, Rossetto, Magis, Halto, and so many more. What makes this selection truly stand out is the availability given by compiling all of these famous Italian designers in one location for the most modern choices in home design.

An interesting aspect of the site and its new compilation of advanced Italian furniture designers on Spacify is that there are younger companies included, like BRF, to give a fresher and unique approach to all of the furniture choices. All of these fantastic designs that are Made in Italy will offer a wide variety of choices in anything that you can think of for home decorating needs. Italian bedroom furniture, contemporary home furniture, office and contract furniture, outdoor furniture, modern living room furniture, and even designer fireplace accessories are all among the choices now available through Spacify with this new feature of select Italian designers.

Spacify says it is very pleased to have this Italian design selection available, simply because it holds true to what Spacify represents, which is the continual pursuit of the best in design and modern home accessories. All of these brands are popular and noted in their designs for that same reason, mainly because they cater to the newer and fresher ideas found in home furniture today. The company says the resource is perfect for anyone looking for their own personal home decorating ideas, as well as professional interior designers, because it offers a wealth of information on which popular and innovative European Brands have the pieces that anyone may be looking for to set their home apart.

The choices in the Italian modern furniture collections range from designer sofas, contemporary living and dining room pieces, glass designer furniture, modern office furniture, and select rugs and carpets.

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  1. Although I am not into modern furniture, my best friend can’t get enough. She’ll be even more thrilled that it’s made in Italy.

  2. modern furniture has dispelled all the age-old norms and introduced new materials, designs and styles. Many years ago, wood was the primary material for any type of furniture. Today, it has been replaced by vinyl, cane. These materials are not only easier to maintain, but can be molded into many different shapes and are extremely lightweight as compared to wood.

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