It’s a Thing: Bedtime Stories for Plants

SpareRoom has launched the first bedtime stories for plants. The book of three short stories is designed to be read aloud to plants to help them grow.

It is no secret that millennials love a houseplant; in fact, 76 percent own at least one. As legend has it, talking to your houseplants can keep them healthy and help them grow. So, naturally, SpareRoom, a UK flatshare site, has launched the first-ever bedtime stories for plants–a book of short stories designed for plant parents to read to their green babies to encourage development.

Not only does speaking to plants positively affect their growth, but at night, plants use the energy they stored up during the day through photosynthesis and the darkness can  trigger plants to fruit, set seed of flower.

Bedtime Stories for Plants, written by children’s author Alice Hemming and illustrated by Livi Gosling, includes a collection of three short stories: “The Three Ferns,” “Longing” and “What Goes Around.” The stories are designed to be read aloud to plants and can be downloaded for free from SpareRoom as an eBook (here) or audiobook (here). 

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