Items in Your Attic May Be Worth a Fortune

Is your home filled with antiques or closets stuffed with common household junk?

From vintage lamps and vinyl records to old-fashioned electronics and outdated technology, there are a wide variety of items in your attic or basement that could turn a serious profit.

Professional auctioneer Rowlan Hill, founder of Blue Leaf Estate Auctions, shares some items you could have around your house that might fetch a pretty penny. 

  • War memorabilia –These artifacts and pieces are sought-after because they can be considered a piece of history and hold a sentimental value to buyers. American soldiers often brought German or Japanese military souvenirs home from the war as a symbol of victory. German items can be quite valuable if it is associated with the SS or German paratroopers.
  • Vintage electronics and technology – Vintage electronics and technology has come back in style like antique cameras and record players. Any electronic pieces from the disco era could potentially fetch a chunk of change including TV’s, Apple computers, radios or even unique alarm clocks.
  • Sterling silverware – Brands like Tiffany, Gorham and Oneida can be quite valuable, but the pieces or sets must be stamped with “sterling,” the numbers “925,” or an English lion mark. These stamps indicate that they are real sterling silver and not silver plated.
  • Jewelry – The demand for certain vintage jewelry has seen an incredible surge recently, but it’s not just diamonds, pearls and antique pieces that can sell for a decent amount of money. Costume jewelry can be worth as much or more than diamonds or precious stones, depending on the maker. For example, Miriam Haskell vintage costume jewelry sells for hundreds to thousands of dollars online and at auctions.
  • Vinyl records – Record sales have soared in the last five years or so because enthusiasts view vinyl as a practical alternative to digital music. Vintage record players and turntables have increased in value due to the recent rise of interest in vinyl records again. If you are looking to sell your collection, you’ll have the best luck with old jazz and early rock, like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Doors.

The best way to find out what your items could be worth is to do your due diligence by searching online at sites like eBay to see the price of what similar items sold for as an estimate of the market value.

But the most important thing to remember is that money isn’t everything. If you enjoy collecting and love the hobby or item, it doesn’t matter what anyone else would be willing to pay for it.

Rowlan Hill is the owner of Blue Leaf Estate Auctions in Arizona and has been an auctioneer for over 30 years.

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