Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner

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So you’re the chosen family member to host this year’s Thanksgiving dinner? First off, don’t panic! Preparation is key to holding a smooth-sailing holiday meal. There are only two weeks left until the holiday hits so start planning now and you should have a flawless execution of your dinner plans.

Shop Smart and Shop Early

Although it can be tempting to hold out until the holiday food sales, oftentimes hot commodities can sell out leading up to Thanksgiving. Stock up on any non-perishables and ingredients that can be purchased in advance, and you will have less of a chance of having to run in to four different stores before finding a bag of marshmallows for your sweet potato topping.

Dishes and Silverware

Many people reserve a separate set of special dishes and silverware for holiday meals. If you fall in this category, these dishes can gather dirt and dust from being packed away all year long. Pull out your dishes, wash them early and ensure that you have everything you need to save time on Thanksgiving morning.

Place Settings

Plan your place settings early. Decide on a centerpiece and buy (or make) it in these weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Gather all of your cloth napkins, napkin rings, wine glasses and whatever else you would like on your Thanksgiving table and prepare it leading up to the holiday.

Start Cooking Early

Many pies and side dishes can be prepared the night before Thanksgiving dinner. Start cooking the evening before, and the day of the holiday will be simpler, and your oven won’t be quite as full.

Preparing to host any type of dinner can be stressful, especially a Thanksgiving dinner for your whole family. Be calm, plan and prepare early and all will go well. With the right amount of preparation, Thanksgiving will be an enjoyable day spent with friends and family, not a day of frantically making sure the turkey is done on time.

Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving!

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