Glendale is the Best U.S. City for Remote Work, Report

Glendale, Ariz., leads the nation in remote work, experiencing 37.5% growth in work-from-home opportunities since 2021. 

According to a recent report, Glendale is a popular location for digital nomads that has added an impressive 6,067 remote workers to its community. Glendale stands out with this remarkable growth as many cities are experiencing the opposite, with drastic decreases in remote work since 2021. 

The city’s expansion in remote jobs, which outpaces every other city in the nation by 7.6%, can be attributed to Glendale’s evolving sectors, which offer a range of job opportunities across various cutting-edge fields. The city is a constantly growing hub for industries naturally inclined toward remote work, such as technology, biotech, research and financial analytics. 

Beyond the surge in remote work opportunities, several other factors contribute to Glendale’s appeal for remote workers, including:

  • Warm Climate — Glendale’s sunny weather is perfect for those looking to blend work with an active, outdoor lifestyle.
  • Affordable Living — The city offers an affordable alternative to the high costs associated with living in major tech hubs without compromising quality of life.
  • Co-working Spaces — The city offers a variety of co-working spaces, supporting the needs of remote workers and providing a reliable place to congregate. 
  • Access to Nature — Glendale’s proximity to natural landscapes, hikes and parks offers a perfect escape from the city and supports a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Community and Culture — The Phoenix area’s rich cultural scene, with countless festivals and community events, offers ample opportunities for socializing, networking, and having fun.
  • Health and Wellness — With numerous fitness and wellness centers, Glendale promotes a balanced, healthy lifestyle for remote workers.
  • Diverse Cuisine — The city’s constantly growing culinary scene offers a variety of dining options. 

The city’s significant increase in remote work opportunities and many lifestyle benefits make Glendale an ideal destination for remote workers. Click here to read the original study. 

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