Fulton Homes’ Commitment to Water Safety

Kids jumping into swimming pool

It may be the fall season, but many Arizonans are still hitting the pool–making water safety a year-round concern. Fulton Homes believes that even close calls can be avoided when the community as a whole puts an emphasis on water safety and, for the past 15 years, Fulton Homes has made it its mission to focus on the importance of water safety via its Two Seconds is Too Long campaign and Fence Patrol program.

Fence Patrol:

Every summer for the past 15 years, Fulton Homes has sponsored their Fence Patrol program where they give away pool fences to Valley families in need. Fence Patrol highlights the importance of always watching children around water and acts as a reminder that water emergencies can happen in seconds. This year alone, 25 children in Arizona drowned, many due to not having the proper barricades put up around a pool. During May, June, July and August, Fulton Homes Fence Patrol gave out one fence a week to deserving families who all had their unique stories to tell. Among the winners was a woman in need of a fence to finalize the adoption of her first child, a grandmother who watches her 10 grandchildren, and a mother of four special needs children. CEO Doug Fulton started this program to “put more protective fences around pools in hopes of making Valley families safer.”

Two Seconds is Too Long:

Even with the proper barriers put up around a pool, water emergencies can still happen. That’s why the Two Seconds is Too Long campaign was started by Fulton Homes 16 years ago. The program serves as a reminder that emergencies around water can occur in a split second so being extremely watchful of your kids is important. Two Seconds is Too Long hosted water safety events all summer long where they gave away free YMCA swim lessons to Valley residents. The campaign also encourages having an adult trained to preform CPR. “The dangers are real, and we want to continue doing everything we can to prevent another family tragedy. One is one too many,” says Fulton.

Back for 2018:

You can count on seeing Fence Patrol and 2 Seconds is Too Long back for another summer in 2018.  While water safety gets the bulk of its attention in the summer, it is important to remember that it is a year-round concern.

For more information about Fulton Homes water safety programs, click here.

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