From She Sheds to Steam Ovens: Sell Your Home for Thousands More With These Trending Features

Lifestyle….This shot shows a small backyard building, used as a pottery studio, but could be used for storage, tools, etc.

According to new Zillow research, certain luxuries and amenities that personalize and enhance living spaces can help sell a home faster and for more. 

Zillow found that homes featuring chef-friendly amenities, such as steam ovens, pizza ovens and professional-grade appliances, can sell for up to 5.3% more than homes listed without them, which equivalates to about $17,400 more for a typical home in the U.S.

There are also trending features that homebuyers are willing to pay more for when searching for a house in today’s market, including artsy terrazzo flooring, she sheds (aka the female equivalent of a man cave) and soapstone countertops. Zillow’s data shows that homes with terrazzo flooring and surfaces can sell for 2.6% more, while she sheds and soapstone countertops can help sell a home for 2.5% more. 

Interestingly, homes with soapstone countertops in the listing description can also sell up to four days faster than listings that didn’t mention the popular countertop surface. Quartz countertops, which is a close second for trending surfaces, can help sell a home one day faster than expected. Doorbell cameras are the top feature in quicker selling homes, helping to sell listings five days faster than those without doorbell cameras.  

Other features that set homes apart on the market today include heat pumps, fenced backyards, open shelving and outdoor entertainment areas such as saltwater pools, outdoor kitchens and putting greens. All these features help make a space more practical and personalized, while offering elevated living. 

To help homebuyers find listings with the exact features and amenities they are looking for in a home, Zillow now offers a new AI-powered feature that allows buyers to enter specific phrases directly into the Zillow search bar instead of clicking through filters. 

Click here to learn more and view the top 10 features that are raising home values and selling listings faster.

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