As Temperatures Rise, Your Energy Bill Doesn’t Have To!

Written By Sean McGraw, from SavonServices’ FOR Energy

Currently, we are in the hottest months of the year in Arizona, with temperatures well over 100 degrees. According to the Electric Choice website, Arizona has had an increase in energy bill costs by over 4 percent since 2018.* Therefore, Arizonans might be looking for new ways to creatively save money on their energy bill. 

Here are four unique ways that you can lower your energy bill this summer:

  • Switch to LED lights – This may cost more upfront, but these bulbs will last a long time and use less electricity than other lights. 
  • Water your grass/plants in the early morning and later at night – Due to the intense Arizona heat, water evaporates when you are watering your plants at a faster rate. Therefore, it is better to water your yard during cooler times in the day.
  • Plant trees around your house to help with shade – Trees can help shade windows and your air conditioning unit. This will help cool the house down and preserve your appliance. Start planning now for when you can plant trees possibly in the fall, so that next summer your house has more shade.
  • Install a dog door in your home – If you have a dog, energy can flow out and heat can flow in when you leave the door open for them to go outside. If you install a dog door, it can keep your cool A/C inside your home. 

These tips will help you reduce your energy bill and footprint! However, you might not be sure if your energy is being used efficiently around your home. If you book a home energy audit through the SavonServices App, you can get a discount from FOR Energy!

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