Jason Mitchell Group, Arizona’s No. 1 Real Estate Team, Launches HR Benefits Program for Valley Companies

The Jason Mitchell Group, Arizona’s No. 1 real estate team, has officially launched an HR Benefits Program as an opportunity for all Valley companies. The goal is to provide benefits to Valley companies and their employees when they purchase or sell a home with the award-winning real estate group.

“The goal of the program is to not only provide a world-class real estate experience to our great companies in the Valley, but we want to provide benefits that are unmatched to the companies we partner with and have that serve as a token of thanks to their employees when they are buying or selling real estate.”

The rewards offered are certainly significant as well as enticing. Buying or selling, the employee will receive 30 percent of the real estate commission back at closing. These funds can be used toward closing costs, pre-paid lender fees, rate buy down–any costs associated with the transaction. As Jason Mitchell puts it: “It’s real money.” In addition, there are added benefits on things like discounts on title, moving and homeowners insurance when using The Jason Mitchell Group preferred partners.   

Mitchell adds, “It is great for the employer—and great for Phoenix, too. If we can provide extra rewards, we can assist in homeownership. Buying a home is a win for the consumer and a win for the community. If we can do our part in assisting with this, it’s a home run. Housing provides long-term stability and longer commitments to the organizations that they are a part of and allows higher employee retention.”

The program is available to companies Valley-wide that employee more than 100 employees. To learn more or to get your organization partnered with The Jason Mitchell Group’s HR Benefits Program, click here.

The Jason Mitchell Group has proved to be the most trusted Valley real estate group since 2006. Jason Mitchell Group holds the distinction of being the top-producing real estate team in Arizona and is set to close over a half a billion dollars in sales in 2019, making them one of the top real estate teams in the United States. Mitchell also holds the distinction of being the No. 1 agent in the state of Arizona for three consecutive years and ranked by Forbes as the top team in the state.  

The Jason Mitchell group is a registered real estate team with My Home Group.

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