Why Factory Windows Are the Next Home Necessity

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When the desire to redecorate our homes overtakes us, as it so often does when seasons change, it’s normal to want to gut a room and start from scratch. Often, money, time and energy do not allow this despite how many times we wished it did. However, rooms can sometimes be completely transformed by making one change to the interior space. Adding a plant, changing a headboard or switching out your area rug can all change the look and vibe of a room.

One recent trend that makes a serious statement is the use of factory windows. Often used in factories, like their name states, they are large windows made up of smaller panes creating clean lines and visually pleasing aesthetics. Reminiscent of big cities and industrial design, factory windows are great for letting in tons of natural light. Not only are they useful as actual windows but they can also double as room dividers, creating transparent walls to maintain the open feel of a room while dividing it up as needed.

While buying new is always an option, sometimes authentic and used is what the home needs. The Embellished House in North Scottsdale contains tons of one-of-a-kind pieces that have actually been used in the past. Owner Nancy Ruben spends her time traveling the country and finding a variety of unique items, including factory windows. Even her office is made up of the beautiful paned windows, so you can see in person how they can be used. Stop into her shop today to peruse her vintage world, and take a look below to grab some factory window inspiration and to see the different ways they can be used around the house.

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Found on Elle Decor UK

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The Embellished House
15551 N Greenway/Hayden Loop
Scottsdale, Arizona

Instagram: @embellishedhouse

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