This is the Most Popular Area of the Home to Remodel in Arizona, Report

Arizona homeowners are looking to remodel their bathrooms more than any other area in their homes, a new study finds. 

Corey Damen Jenkins @coreydamenjenkins

Contractor Growth Network analyzed numerous search terms related to home renovations, remodels, extensions and contractors across every U.S. state to establish the most popular areas of the home to remodel in each state. 

The data reveals that bathrooms are the most popular area of the home to remodel in America, with all 50 states searching for this area more than any other, while kitchen and basement remodels ranks as second and third, respectively. 

There are an average of 305,160 searches made each month across the U.S. in relation to bathroom renovations. The states searching for bathroom renovations the most are Colorado, Texas, West Virginia, Michigan and New Jersey. The kitchen was the second highest searched area in relation to renovations, with a national average of 187,651 monthly searches. 

While basement remodels came in as the third most popular type of remodel in America with a national search rate of 27,499 searches per month, Arizona’s data shows that showers are the third most popular area to remodel in the state after bathrooms and kitchens. According to the study, the states that are most interested in a shower remodel or inclusion of a wet room are Arizona, Texas, Delaware, Nevada and Florida.

Standing at fourth place in Arizona are RV remodels. Arizona is one of six states where RV remodels rank as the fourth most popular type of remodel. The fourth most popular remodel across America falls into the shower category.

Following as the fifth most popular remodel in Arizona and across America are bath remodels and renovations. The states searching for a bath remodel or renovation the most are Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Vermont. Overall, there are 17,765 average searches made every month for terms related to bathtub renovations across the U.S.

“Adding a renovation to your home can be a big decision, one that takes time and a lot of research,” a Contractor Growth Network spokesperson commented. “These findings offer a fascinating insight into the states interested in taking these steps as well as which parts of the home are the biggest priority when it comes to making those big decisions.”

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