The Most Popular Home Styles in Arizona

Arizona boasts a unique landscape and culture, which comes with many exclusive experiences and characteristics for those who call it home. One special attribute that Arizona residents can enjoy is the different styles of homes found across the state. 

From contemporary to craftsman, Redfin listed the nine most popular Arizona-style homes for 2023 that help make the desert such a special place to live. 


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Drawing inspiration from Craftsman-style homes, bungalows offer an open concept living style with two to three bedrooms on a single level. Some homes may have an attic, while most are built on a raised foundation and have a covered front porch for a charming feel. Bungalows are great for their small size and affordability. 


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Modern elements and simplicity are the key to contemporary homes, which stand out against the desert landscape with a sleek, polished look. Perfect for those looking for a more industrial yet stylish ambiance, contemporary homes are distinct for their clean lines, natural light and spacious rooms and for incorporating materials such as glass, steel and concrete. 


Condos in the Downtown Scottsdale Waterfront District

A very popular option in Phoenix and Tucson, condos offer amenities that most homes don’t, such as access to fitness centers, swimming pools and other facilities, as well as being central to shops and restaurants. Plus, most condos are located in high-rise buildings, which comes with the bonus of amazing mountain views. 


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In Arizona, Craftsman homes bring a unique charm to the desert thanks to the use of natural materials on the exterior like wood, stone and brick, as well as the inviting indoor features, which include built-in window seats, stained glass windows, fireplaces and open floor plans. 


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The architecture of Spain and Italy are very prominent in Arizona Mediterranean-style homes. In the desert, beautiful designs of stucco exteriors, red roof tiles, ironwork accents and exposed wooden beams transform the home into a stunning escape. Mediterranean-style homes also are known for providing great indoor-outdoor living. 


Arizona’s scenic countryside is an ideal setting for ranch homes. Recognized for their single-story designs and functional floor plans, ranch homes in Arizona embody the charm of Western living with exposed roof beams, large windows and exterior materials like stucco, brick and stone. Spacious living areas and plenty of room for outdoor living spaces are an additional benefit of ranch homes. 


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Resort-style homes are designed to provide that idyllic vacation feel found at resorts across Arizona, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the desert right on their property. These homes feature large living areas with a focus on indoor-outdoor living, as well as courtyards, covered patios, terraces, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and more. The architecture usually reflects Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial and Southwestern styles with high ceilings, large windows and desert landscaping. 

Santa Fe or Spanish Colonial

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Santa Fe, also called Spanish Colonial, blends Spanish and Indigenous design elements that complement the desert surroundings beautifully. Similar to the adobe style, these homes feature thick adobe walls, flat roofs and rounded edges on the exterior with other natural materials found inside, including wood, stone and clay. Arched doorways, wooden beams and wrought iron accents are also common in this style of home. 

Tudor Revival

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Inspired by England’s Tudor period, Tudor style houses, also known as Tudor Revival or Mock Tudor, feature brick-exteriors with white stucco and half-timbering and are usually two to three stories. They also embody aspects of romantic and medieval design, including diamond-shaped and oriel windows.

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