The JBL Synthesis Home Theater System is the Choice for Rascal Flatts


Supplying a top of the line surround sound system to one of today’s most prominent international music artists, Carl Tatz Design installed a JBL Synthesis Home Theater System into Rascal Flatts bass guitarist Jay DeMarcus’ home studio complex, the Grip II Screening Lounge. The system demonstrates the absolute finest sound quality that can be displayed in any home theater.

Included in the installation was a SAM3HA three array center speaker behind the screen, two SAM3VA three array speakers angled in on each side behind the acoustically transparent fabric and 4 S4Ai two-array surround speakers carefully installed inside of the coffered ceiling to complete the 7.1 system. All using JBL’s Synthesis technology, they are able to apply proprietary digital algorithms to improve the accuracy and timing of the signals arriving at the center channel- creating a larger, nearly perfect 360-degree soundscape.

“The first demo I gave Jay of the speakers just blew him away”, said Carl Tatz, Principal of Carl Tatz Design. “The Synthesis speakers are powerful, but at the same time they still provide a very smooth sound; and the Synthesis AV1 surround processor is as beneficial as any processor needs to be. For the money spent, you can’t find a better deal.”

The theater was done in a large L shaped room that is approximately 30 feet by 25 feet, with a large sectional for the screen wall viewing. DeMarcus’ lounge can fit a large number of people without disrupting the performance of the audio.

“The former owners had some sort of toy system that I had never listened to,” continued Tatz. “Comparing the old system in place to the current one with the synthesis speakers would be like comparing a roller skate to a Mercedes; it doesn’t come close. They are true cinema speakers with real compression drivers. Their performance is unrivalled in a home cinema room. ”

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