Eco-Conscious Fabrics

As we reach a more and more eco-conscious mind frame, the search for green products and everyday items becomes much easier to manifest. Green ideas are everywhere, from the car you drive to the clothes you wear, to the kind of toilet paper you buy. Reupholstering your favorite couch has now become another eco-conscious element of the home.


The Refinishing Touch, a world renowned specialist in environmentally safe and sustainable on-site furniture refinishing, upholstery and armoire modifications, has added new environmentally-friendly materials to its Touch Textiles fabrics brand.

The new line includes a range of 100% recycled fabrics finished with GreenShield, a Scientific Certification Systems-recognized, low fluorocarbon treatment that uses two-thirds less chemicals without compromising the durability, moisture resistance, stain resistance or nonflammable qualities of the fabric.

In recent years, the industry has seen a massive increase in the use and demand for eco-friendly textiles. Close to 12 billion pounds of post consumer textile waste ends up in our landfills every single year, reflecting the growing need and continuing opportunity for recyclable and sustainable textiles throughout the world.

As a part of the additions to its eco-collection, Touch Textiles introduces fabrics from partners at three different mills that hold third-party certifications for environmentally friendly practices such as Lean Manufacturing. While remaining leaders in fabric design and development, these partners make use of innovations such as GreenShield, a fabric finisher that uses up to 10 times less fluorocarbons than other finishes and one-third of the chemicals while preserving color, maintaining fabric breathability, providing water and stain repellency and allowing for anti-odor, antistatic and non-flammable characteristics.

Touch Textiles’ new line of green fabrics is complementary to The Refinishing Touch’s commitment to sustainable practices that utilize non-toxic materials in its refinishing business. To date, The Refinishing Touch has refurbished the equivalent of 1.5 million rooms of furniture for approximately 20,000 different clients across the government, educational and hospitality sectors. Its practices of recycling, refurbishing and reupholstering furniture have saved approximately two million hardwood trees from landfill.

On top of environmentally sustainable properties, the new range of fabrics feature new designs, textures and materials to accommodate the extensive and selective tastes of The Refinishing Touch’s client base across hospitality, university and government sectors.

Fabric sample swatches can be requested by calling The Refinishing Touch at 800.523.9448. To learn more, visit

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