Design Spotlight: In Plane Sight

With nearly 14,000 square feet of transparent planar architecture, it is clear how Drewett Works’ In Plane Sight got its name. The Paradise Valley abode offers 180-degree views of Camelback Mountain, the city lights of Phoenix and more (one of the client requirements was for the home to be view-facing) with equal parts outdoor and living space.

The challenges of this 1.25-acre site included a site elevation change exceeding 45 feet and an existing older home which was demolished. 

The raised peninsula pool seemingly levitates above the ground floor plane. It acts as the connection point between lower-level entertainment spaces (the home theater and bar) and upper outdoor spaces.

Project Details: In Plane Sight

Architecture: Drewett Works
Developer/Builder: Bedbrock Developers
Interior Design: Est Est and client
Photography: Werner Segarra

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