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Company Bio:

Laura Kehoe Design is a boutique interior design firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Led by principal designer Laura Kehoe, the firm was founded in 2010 and approaches each project with a unique outlook based around the client’s needs and wishes.

“We take pride in listening and translating to help bring a design dream to life. It’s part of our commitment to ensure that each project results in exceptional design. From space planning to selecting color palettes, surface materials and furnishings, we guide clients through the process so that they understand the value of professional interior design as an applied art and a practical investment,” says Kehoe.


Laura Kehoe




Owner and Principal Designer

City you live in:


Where were you born?

Macon, GA

What made you realize you wanted to be a designer?  

As a kid I would re-arrange furniture in my parent’s house to fit my design vision. Once I even painted the living room when they were out of town. I think I’ve always had this creative nature about me. I love making things pleasing to the eye and have always loved mixing colors and patterns to make beautiful designs.

I went to school for design and started designing furniture showrooms at age 18 during my college years and that furthered my interest in interior design. I loved it and knew early on that I would always want to work with furniture.

A typical day in my life includes…  

A typical day begins with large amounts of coffee, then a few minutes looking at emails or making calls before running my 3-year-old to preschool. The main chunk of the day is spent at the studio working on projects or around the city either on a job site, install, or with a vendor. If I’m lucky I will squeeze in a workout at the end of day—or more likely a glass of wine. In the evening, I try to unplug and spend time with my family. But I’ve been known to work on my phone or iPad until all hours of the night. I love what I do and it’s hard to shut down.

My favorite thing about Arizona…  

Easy living, low traffic, and the sunsets of course—plus you can always find a parking space.

What inspires you?

On a personal level, seeing small businesses grow and talented artists emerge. On a business level, I’m inspired by great design and client excitement. One of things that makes us different at Laura Kehoe Design is we understand that a project is about the client. Our goal is to give them a dream home. So when a client gets extremely excited about their new living space, it makes all of the hard work worth it. That motivates me so much!

Describe your favorite project that you have completed:

That’s hard because I love them all. I hold a special place in my heart for Southern California, so probably my projects there. I lived there for a while and met my husband there. So I’d have to say my favorite project is an oceanfront home in Del Mar.  That was very fun to work on!


Have you ever teamed up and worked with other designers? If so, describe that experience. 

Yes, I worked with Anne Sneed, of Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors on the Del Mar beach home project. It was such an honor to work with someone with such great vision and architectural talents—not to mention one of the sweetest people ever.

What is your favorite type of space to design?

The kitchen. I love to gather and eat 🙂

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My first design job was…

Showroom designer in High Point, NC

I’m currently working on…

An 8000-square-foot new build that is a dream home for our client.

What is your dream design project?

I would love to design a boutique hotel.

What do you have planned for the future of your business?

I have lots up my sleeve for our studio but it’s under wraps for now!

The one person who motivates me is…

I like to think of myself as a self-motivator. My husband is very supportive when I need him as well.

Who is a designer that inspires you and why?  

Julia Buckingham of Buckingham Interiors. She might be the nicest person on the planet and her designs are original and sooo good. She has built such a cool brand; her spirit and energy are an inspiration to me.

Who would you like to have lunch with if it could be anyone?  

My grandmother who is no longer with us. She had four boys and now that I am a mom, I would like to talk with her about how she survived when they were all young!

What is your favorite luxury brand?


Favorite quote?  

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”





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