Centor Architectural Unveils S1E Eco-Screen

Here in Arizona where a lot of time is spent outdoors, it’s extremely important to have a high-quality screen system. If you’re in the market for a new screen to fill any kind of outdoor opening—from your large sliding glass doors to just a few windows here and there—Centor Architectural, the award-winning designer and manufacturer of window and door screening systems, is the perfect company to turn to.


Centor Architectural has just come out with a new screen technology—the S1E Eco-Screen. Set to be unveiled in North America at the 2010 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas from Jan. 19-22, the S1E Eco-Screen is the first large horizontal—with a combined span of up to 24 feet—retractable screen and blind system for windows and doors. Insect protection and thermal control are of utmost importance, and the S1E Eco-Screen makes that a priority, all while maximizing the beauty of the outdoor environment.

Not only is the S1E Eco-Screen highly functional, but it also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle (hence the name “Eco-Screen”) with its chemical-free insect control and thermal insulation, converting a single-glaze opening to a double-glaze performance. This highly technological screen also offers UV protection—a very important factor for desert living—which keeps rooms cool during the day and minimizes heat requirements at night. This allows for windows to be open as desired, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars on their annual utility bill while also reducing CO2 emissions. As an 80 percent recyclable screen, the S1E Eco-Screen also offers easy to use, smooth and light fingertip control, making opening and closing the screen simple for anyone to do.


“We are introducing the S1E Eco-Screen in the U.S. to solve the screening issue that currently exists for large spaces,” says Nigel Spork, managing director of Centor Architectural. “It provides insect and solar protection along with easy operation and tested durability, as well as the ability to control your environment and bring the outdoors in. It’s simply there when you want it and disappears when you don’t. We anticipate that lifestyle-oriented homeowners, and hotels and restaurants looking to maximize breathtaking views for their customers, will be particularly interested in this new screen and blind system.”

Available in a range of finishes and colors, the S1E Eco-Screen will be offered in two fabric classes: Insect Mesh and Solar (UV) Blind Control. This screen can be custom built for the convenience of adding it to custom homes, and its “zip-click” installation makes for a simple 15-minute installation with just 12 screws.

The S1E Eco-Screen will be available beginning in January 2010.


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