Barriers by Raydoor – Stylish Social Distancing Solutions

Raydoor, the New York-based design studio, and manufacturer for artful interior dividing solutions is proud to launch the Barriers by Raydoor partition panel collection.

Barriers by Raydoor are perfect for bars and restaurants

Helping address COVID-19 related concerns and protocols, the collection aims to facilitate America getting back to work, out on the road, and ultimately adapting to the new normal.

The Barriers collection is offered in three main styles: Perimeter, Side Frame, and Base Frame.

Raydoor Perimeter fully framed panel

Perimeter offers fully framed panel, visually signaling a sense of separation and division; with an added value of directing and separating foot-traffic, it is ideal for more semi-permanent setups the likes of open-floor-planned offices, waiting rooms and more. 

Raydoor Side Frame panel, possibly the most versatile of their barrier options

Side Frame features two leg bases on each side of the frame and an optional pass-through at the bottom, optimal for high traffic areas where objects are exchanged, such as reception desks, bank counters, and etc.

The Raydoor Base Frame allows for social distancing, while still maintaining intimate social settings

Base Frame is only framed at the bottom, gives out a sense of “barely-there” – a perfect companion while practicing social distancing at bars, restaurants, and other more intimate social settings; this version also features a clamp mount that aids easy installation and removal. 

Barriers by Raydoor’s main shielding structure are materialized using clear acrylic in 1/4 or 300mm thickness options. Offered in a range of heights and widths, the versatile system ensures protection while sitting or standing, in a variety of communal environments ranging from contract to residential.

Insert, frame and base finishes can be further customized to round out a multipurpose solution functional yet doesn’t compromise aesthetically. 

Raydoor carefully curated materials in stock from its existing product lines as the foundation of the partition system; with the production happening locally in Long Island, New York, orders can be quickly fulfilled as fast as four weeks.

Social distancing doesn’t mean compromising safety for style and aesthetic

“For 20 years we’ve been focused on the art of dividing interior spaces with beauty and functionality,” said Luke Siegel, Founder and CEO of Raydoor.

“The COVID crisis has been a catalyst pushing us forward with Barriers by Raydoor. As a result, we are proud to be a trendsetter within the design community paving new ways for people to experience and think about interior spaces. Ultimately COVID concerns will pass, therefore we wanted to offer a utilitarian and long-lasting product for our customers. We’re having real, in-depth conversations with people who are ready to get back to life in full swing, safely and in style.”

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About Raydoor
RAYDOOR® designs and manufactures beautifully innovative interior dividing solutions. Our patented design makes it easy to create flexible spaces using Sliding Walls and Doors with NO FLOOR TRACKs required. Primary markets include Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Healthcare. Made in New York, USA. Established 2000. 

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