3 Ways Dagr Design’s Custom Theaters Will Exceed Your Expectations

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Ah, watching movies with the family. Popcorn in bowl, licorice in hand and favorite soda to go along. It’s an American pastime; from drive-ins to Harkins to the latest dine-in theaters, but what would we be if we weren’t a nation of continuous advancement?

When it comes to pushing the limits, the custom home-theater company Dagr Designs is leading the game. From its top notch customer service to its extensive design process and built-in dry wall, this is our company of choice to lead the next era of movie-watching and family memory making.

Here’s why:

1. You don’t have to guess what your custom media wall will look like before it’s built. – Can you imagine going through construction and altering the entire look of your house and then hating the result? It’s anyone’s worst nightmare, but that’s not even a possibility with this company because Dagr Designs offers realistic 3D mock-ups so prospective clients know exactly what they’re getting into before the hammer hits the wall.

2. Dagr Designs provides in-house consulting with professional designers.  – Sometimes you know you want to change things up, but you don’t know how. The ultimate dilemma that’s, well, not a problem with Dagr. To ensure the highest quality outcome and customer satisfaction, Dagr’s designers visit clients’ homes to plan the best, most beautiful and individualized media walls.

3. Dagr’s media walls are built directly into the dry wall which increases home value. – Permanent change tends to be intimidating to most people, but in reality these built-in media walls will make your house look more luxurious and well thought out. There’s no worrying that the entertainment center you bought might not fit right in the living room, or worse, scratch up the walls when moving it in. With Dagr, the “entertainment center” is a wall!

As if this company wasn’t impressive enough already, Dagr Designs works quickly and efficiently – sometimes finishing media walls in as a little as four weeks. And if you’re looking for more credibility, get this – Dagr Designs built the media wall in former Arizona Cardinals player Paris Lenon’s house. If you’re looking for luxury at its finest, Dagr Designs is without a doubt the way to go.


By Taylor Seely


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