2019 Kitchen Trends


Every year, there are new trend predictions made by designers across the world, and at TopComp we believe it’s going to be an exciting one. It’s finally time to say goodbye to white and gray cabinets, Tuscan design, granite countertops, and a few other trends that have run their course; and time say hello to a year of gorgeous and unique kitchens! If you’re considering updating the most important room in your home, according to TopComp, here’s what’s cookin’ in the kitchen for the next couple years that will make your space stand out from all your friends and neighbors.

We’re seeing more bold colors but simple design when it comes to cabinets, like deep blue, green and matte black, in a flat face or simple shaker. Believe it or not, another trend that’s making a comeback is natural wood textures. It’s been a good 20 years since the last time it was really used, but it’s back again with a modern twist. Again, the cabinet design is kept simple, but we’re seeing a ton of natural white oak and butcher block countertops.


To go with these gorgeous new cabinet trends, you may as well jump onto this bandwagon because the matte gold hardware isn’t going anywhere! This metallic finish is being used in so many unique ways, from the more traditional cup pulls, to long, modern, European bar pulls. This finish really adds some glamour to any style kitchen.

If you’re looking to add even more drama to the centerpiece of the home, now is the time to be bold with your backsplash. We’re seeing painted cement tile with bold patterns in all of our favorite kitchens lately. It’s a powerful way to add some serious personality to the space without being overwhelming. And speaking of personality, a new and very bold trend that recently started taking off is appliances. Yes, you read that right, appliance companies across the world are partnering with luxury clothing designers to create what I like to call more of an accessory than a necessity in the kitchen.

No matter which way you look at it, kitchen trends are getting bold so there’s no reason to hold back when you’re designing your dream space. At TopComp, we’re risk takers too because we like to stand out from the crowd. –Angie Bolognese

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