Wipliance Reveals the Best Smart Home Lighting System

Lutron Electronics offers many different lighting control solutions, so which is the right one for your project? In the video below, join the smart home automation experts at Wipliance to review the key differences among Caseta, RadioRA3 and Homeworks lighting controls.

Lutron Caseta is a DIY-based solution designed for homes under 2500 square feet and has a maximum capacity of 75 devices (dimmers, Pico remotes, shades etc). It’s designed for smaller homes and condominiums and comes with a limited offering of color selections.

RadioRA3 is the first tier Lutron’s of professional solutions, with a 5000 square footage and 200-device capacity and enhanced control options. This is the first tier of solutions to offer a hybrid keypad; a multi-button control that has a dimmer onboard, making it the perfect solution for retrofit applications. Design styles available in RadioRa3 include Seetouch/Maestro and Sunnata collection of devices.

Homeworks is Lutron’s luxury solution for lighting controls- with an almost unlimited device capacity of 10,000 devices and up to 40,000 square feet of signal range. In addition to robust capacity, Homeworks offers an option of either RF/wireless controls or wired, panelized lighting systems- which allow all of the home’s lighting to be wired to a single, serviceable location and eliminating the switch clutter found that is common in homes with many layers of light. In addition to Seetouch and Sunnata, Homeworks also offers the Palladiom and Alisse keypad collections for panelized lighting systems. Even the Pico remote becomes more powerful in Homeworks- with custom engraving and 4-button toggle configurations available that are exclusive to this line. Homeworks can be designed for new construction or retrofit/remodel applications.

Today, the leading reason Wipliance clients are selecting Homeworks—regardless of project size—is the ability to incorporate Ketra lighting into their homes. Ketra is Lutron’s dynamic lighting solution that can mimic natural light with ease, and offers 16.7 million saturated colors which can create immersive scenes. Ketra is distinctly different from any other lighting product on the market- with it’s patented Color Lock technology, you won’t have to worry about one light’s color being slightly different with 25,000 hours of guaranteed performance. Ketra offers the lowest dimming levels available at 0.1% offering a true night light (most fixtures dim to 1-3%, and your eye translates this percentage 10x, so 3% to our eyes appears as 30%). Ketra’s unique wiring topology of individually addressable fixtures can streamline your electrical design and allow for the ultimate flexibility over time to group and re-group fixtures as your needs evolve.

To learn more about Lutron’s lighting control solutions, visit www.lutron.com. To learn more about Wipliance’s custom installation services for clients in Arizona and Washington, visit at www.wipliance.com.

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