The 3 Most Popular Outdoor Design Trends in Arizona

Yardzen, the leading online landscape design company, helps people transform their outdoor spaces across the country. To kick off Phoenix’s best outdoor living season,  Yardzen’s team of design experts shared the most popular landscaping requests in the Phoenix area right now. These trends help residents embrace the delights of desert living and keep cool and comfortable in their backyards year round.

From shade and water amenities for scorching summers to functional and aesthetic essentials, like fire pits and native plants, there are a range of landscaping features Yardzen customers are incorporating into their Phoenix backyards for optimal outdoor living. As cooler months approach and people seek new ways to extend the usage of their yards throughout the season, here are top three landscaping trends to consider. Ready to get started on your outdoor transformation? Visit

1.  Native Plants 

Native plants have adapted to their environment over centuries, which in Phoenix means that they consume less water and are heat tolerant. In other words, they don’t need a lot of fuss to look great in our climate.For this reason, requests for native plants in outdoor spaces are up over 20% year-on-year for Yardzen’s  Phoenix clients, according to Yardzen’s annual survey. For those seeking a more traditional, full and textured landscape including trees, blooming shrubs and grasses, as opposed to modern cactus gardens, Yardzen’s Design Director, Kevin Lenhart, recommends incorporating the following native plants into your outdoor spaces:

Yardzen’s expert team of designers and horticulturists can assess your unique space and planting conditions to design a yard with native plants that both fits your aesthetic and lifestyle.

2. Pergolas 

According to Yardzen’s annual customer survey, pergolas are proving to be a popular addition to yards, with requests for these shade-creating structures up 50% year-on-year in Phoenix. Pergolas not only provide beautiful dappled shade and relief from the heat (or some shelter from the occasional monsoon), but act as a defining focal point in your yard.  There are a variety of options when it comes to materials and prices for pergolas. From traditional wood to modern metal styles and custom to prefab options, Yardzen’s team will help you select a pergola that fits your style and budget as part of their thorough design process.

3. Plunge Pools

A Yardzen favorite, plunge pools are the new must-have amenity for anyone looking for a place to relax and cool off. Also known as “sip and dips,” these small and sleek pools are not only stylish but they’re space-saving and lower maintenance. . Although plunge pools are an excellent solution for smaller yards, they also work beautifully on any size lot, taking up less resources, including water and energy, and functional yard space. This is one of the reasons why requests for plunge pools are up 15% year-on-year in Phoenix. Many plunge pools can also be heated—including some even by solar—so they function as both a hot tub and cold pool. Here are some of Yardzen’s favorite plunge pools:

Learn more about Yardzen’s custom Phoenix landscaping design and styling services here.

Photos courtesy Yardzen

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