Succulents in Your Space

cactus variety

As anyone with an Instagram account may have recently noticed, succulents have been seemingly sprouting up in the homes of bloggers, celebrities and Instagram superstars alike.

The curious little plants make a cute and tasteful addition to any desk, windowsill, nightstand or coffee table. They can stand alone, or be placed in an arrangement with several other types of succulents.

The way that succulents are potted can be artful in and of itself. They look great in clear glass bowls, terra cotta pots, or even decorative planters. The plants can be surrounded by soil, different colored stones, other plants and more.

Being such a versatile and easily managed plant, succulents are the perfect way to brighten up any space.

Below are several retailers that offer succulents.


The Succulent Source

The Succulent Source is a family owned and operated business, based out of southern California, that has been selling succulents and cacti online for almost 15 years. They offer a wide range of succulent species at different price points. They can be purchases individually, in assortments, or even for special events.


Dig It Urban Gardens + Nursery

Dig It Urban Gardens + Nursery is a brand new nursery that sells locally grown cacti, succulents and plants. The knowledgeable team can help educate even the least experienced gardener on what type of succulent is right for them and their needs.



Succlentia is a retailer specializing in rare, exotic cacti and succulents, and they are constantly adding new species to their inventory. They also carry an expanding line of pottery, stone, accent rocks, potting supplies and accessories.


The Bosque

The Bosque is a botanical studio located inside the monOrchid Gallery in the heart of the Roosevelt Arts District in Downtown Phoenix. They sell hand-selected, unique interior plants, and have a genuine love for what they do for their customers. The shop also sells pieces of local and regional history, such as antique Arizonan postcards, Arizona Highway magazines from the 40s-60s, and other antique goods.

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