Sawyer Twain: Luxury Gaming and Home Furniture

Sawyer Twain believes in providing you with high-end game room furniture that will fit into the design of any space.

They began with the ever-classic pool table but didn’t stop there. Their offerings have expanded to shuffleboards, furniture, and more, all designed to elevate your home with style.

Sawyer Twain’s founder, Chris Turner, sat down with to give some insight into this luxurious yet fun furniture for your homes!

Please introduce Sawyer Twain and how the company got started:

Sawyer Twain is a leading brand of upscale game room furniture products that I started back in 2017, after realizing that there was somewhat of a gap in the market of billiards tables and their presence online.

Since our inception, we have seen great success in the space, expanding our catalog of offerings to include shuffleboard tables, foosball, ping pong, patio furniture, home furniture, outdoor grills, and more.

Being one of the industries that saw some momentum in 2020 with a surge in home improvement, we are continuing to expand our offerings and have many exciting things on the horizon.

I understand Sawyer Twain specializes in pool tables for gaming rooms and fun outdoor gaming pieces. What sets Sawyer Twain apart from other companies specializing in this vertical?

 I think what it comes down to is presentation, variety, and excellent customer service. We offer some of the finest and most beautiful tables in the business from brands like Doc & Holliday, Nixon Billiards, Plank & Hide, and others.

Our looks range from rustic to modern and from industrial to classical. Sawyer Twain can match any atmosphere you are trying to bring to your space with one of our tables.

Similarly, we are here to walk you through every step of the process if needed, offering safe, “white glove delivery” and professional installation options on select items, as well as free shipping on all furniture across the continental USA. Or we can leave it to you to make your decision entirely on your own with our user-friendly and navigable website.

As mentioned, we started with pool tables and expanded from there. Our immediate goal is to find a way to build repeat business- so much of what we offer is much more than just a table; it is an investment.

The most logical step would be to showcase items our customers can use to transfer an existing space into one that defines them. Whether that be indoor or outdoor, kitchen or living room, outdoor lounging, or cooking- we want to represent all of it so that our customers have a one-stop-shop for their home decor needs.

What makes Sawyer Twain a unique brand for consumers?

We give consumers a place that they can shop for luxury items from the comfort of their homes. With a large purchase like a pool table, consumers can sometimes be hesitant to pull the trigger, but we inspire confidence in their purchases by sending out felt and wood samples and fully insuring shipments.

Not to mention, shipping is free for all purchases on our website. Therefore, we make buying a pool table or shuffleboard easier than ever before.

Sawyer Twain is known for high-luxury furniture and gaming pieces for hotels and rentals, but how has COVID-19 shifted this focus?

With COVID came lockdowns and restrictions, leaving everyone at home a lot more than usual. With this in mind, many people began to focus on home improvements that they have always wanted to make. Sawyer Twain saw massive growth during this period, with consumers looking to flesh out their game room or dining spaces.

Thus, we are not so much shifting focus but maximizing our existing goals and seeing this phenomenon as an opportunity to expand our offerings.

Do you collaborate with other industries, such as interior designers, set designers, etc., to help them complete the space and look they are going for, or do you find they already have a vision that Sawyer Twain fits in?

Sometimes designers, and even the public, will come to us knowing exactly what they are looking for. The real challenge for anyone with a vision in mind is that we have such expansive offerings and options that you may come out on the other side with something completely different than what you set out to get.  

That being said, we have collaborated with several interior designers and even offer special pricing for choosing Sawyer Twain as a preferred vendor for design needs. Similarly, we have chatted with a few set designers and hope to get some projects rolling together in the future.

Where can consumers find Sawyer Twain pieces? Is it strictly online? 

Sawyer Twain is 100% online e-commerce. You can browse our pieces at

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