Kohler Unveils Rose Gold Finish

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Prior to this news, we’re pretty sure not many people asked for a new faucet in their stocking come Christmas morning. But now that Kohler has launched a rose gold finish for its Vibrant faucet finishes, we’re sure the bathroom fixture will be high on fashionistas’ wish lists. 

The new finish looks great in both classic and contemporary styles, while offering an elegant neutral tone. The rose gold finish “displays a warm sheer and possesses a flawless consistency that resists tarnish and corrosion,” per the press release.

“Rose gold provides homeowners, designers and architects alike with a focal point of unyielding subtlety,” says Julie Kober, associate director of Kohler Faucet finishes, in the press release. “This finish fits well across many palettes and is available in a broad range of faucets and accessories for coordinated bathroom solutions.” 

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