How to Achieve the Best Bathroom Lighting Design With Wipliance

We all know bathroom lighting can be harsh and unflattering- but it doesn’t have to be! Join Lee Travis with Wipliance and David Warfel of Light Can Help You as they discuss the way that your bathroom can transform into a spa-like escape in your own home with well-designed lighting.

Most of us start our day in the bathroom—whether it’s shaving, applying makeup, brushing your teeth, taking a shower- and cool, bright lighting will help you wake up to get ready for the day.

Vanity lighting becomes incredibly crucial- instead of a single recessed fixture above the sink, a mirror that offers evenly-distributed light on the sides helps to avoid shadows and even minimize wrinkles. Adding back a bit of that recessed fixture in combination with a lighted mirror can create a bit of Hollywood magic with an ethereal glow.

Placement of light fixtures is incredibly important- linear lighting in coves above a shower or bath help to create a sense of sky. Cool, blue hues that wash the surfaces help to get your day started with energized vigor.

But how about the rest of the day? In the evenings or at night, you don’t need or want cool, bright light from above. Our eyes like a horizon line, and lighting that follows the level of the sun makes sense. We want it high in the sky to wake us up, but low like a sunset to relax. A bit of cove lighting in the shower, and lighting at lower levels allows you to see for safety, but doesn’t wake you up if it’s the middle of the night. Maybe you would prefer to unwind in a warm bath with a candlelight-like glow? Lights that offer warm dim features will create a caramel-colored glow at their lowest levels, creating the feeling of a sunset and helping you to relax.

Need help with creating the perfect lighting for your home bathroom? The installation experts at Wipliance (also a 2022 Best of Our Valley winner!) and the design team at Light Can Help You can work with you to find the perfect solution for your home.

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