Garden Glory: The Luxury Backyard Essential


Luxury should not ever be limited to inside the home. Garden Glory products can elevate any backyard to the next level with luxurious alternatives to otherwise plain garden appliances.

The brand offers a wide range of beautiful, artfully-crafted outdoor appliances including garden hoses, garden hose wall mounts, watering cans, nozzles, mailboxes, garden spades, pots, and more.

The idea for the brand came to Linda Brattlöf after moving into her first home on the Swedish west coast. She was unhappy with her home’s ugly, dull green garden hose with orange connectors and a rusty wall bracket. Her quest to purchase a more attractive garden hose proved to be unsuccessful, and thus Garden Glory was born.

Garden Glory products are the perfect addition to any backyard, at any time of year. The brand’s Reindeer Wall Mounts would also be perfect as a festive, yet tasteful, holiday decoration.


In the United States, Garden Glory products can be found in stores in New York, California and Idaho. Products are also available to order through the online Garden Glory store.

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