Find Your Favorite Fall Pieces


Fall is upon us and unfortunately for us Arizona residents, it’s sometimes hard to dress the part. Warm temperatures continuously hold us back from dressing like our East Coast friends. When that happens, we must resort to satisfying our seasonal needs around the house instead.

The Autumn months exude vintage and rustic vibes with varying shades of browns and neutrals; the perfect time to practice your vintage decorating skills. At The Embellished House, tons of rustic pieces fill the space waiting for you to rummage through. Some of our favorites? These precious figurines that dress up the smallest spaces of your home for the Halloween season.


When searching for unique pieces to add to your holiday dinner table, and vintage wall art to change the feel of your rooms as summer disappears, make sure to keep The Embellished House in your shopping rounds. Check back often for more seasonal pieces. No visit is the same!

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