Elevate Your Home Décor with Custom Art by Jansenart

Whether you’re a brand-new homeowner or are looking to refresh your nest, home décor is a fantastic way to distinguish your living space.  

Having more than 30 years of experience, Scottsdale-based Jansenart has collaborated with residential and commercial clients alike to create custom sculptural works of art that can be spotted in such notable places as the Phoenix Zoo, Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, Chandler Public Library and many more.

President and Founder of Jansenart, Carl Jansen, with his work, “Baroque Cartouche” at the New York Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Founded by Carl Jansen, Jansenart is comprised of a group of especially talented artists and skilled craftspeople who have mastered the technique of combining fine art and engineering skills, which allows them to design and build literally anything while seamlessly complementing the given space.

We caught up with Carl to find out more about Jansenart and how to take your home décor to the next level with a custom work of art.

AFM: Please tell us a little bit about you and Jansenart!
Carl Jansen (CJ): I started Jansenart in 1999 as a way to create Architectural Sculpture; that is large scale, structurally sound and engineered methods that would satisfy general contractors and architects, in addition to interior designers and homeowners. Over the years I’ve worked as a Project Manager for several theming, cabinet and millwork fabricators, so the lessons I learned have been integrated into the way I complete projects. I’m still a small shop, doing most of the carving myself, but I have many friends and artists who work with me.

“Caesar’s Palace Capital”, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV

AFM: What type of artwork do you specialize in?
CJ: Naturalistic and representational; built with metals, engineering foams, resins, wood, etc. I grew up in Arizona hiking and exploring the outdoors and nature, so I’ve always loved creating our animals and wildlife. I also earned a reputation for carving Corinthian capitals with my theming work in Las Vegas for the casinos; I love the curves, foliage and tradition of the decorative arts.

“Sandy”, Sidewinder’s Bar and Grill, Scottsdale, AZ

AFM: If you had to choose, what is one of your most favorite pieces that Jansenart has created and the story behind it?
CJ: Probably the Sidewinder Restaurant project in Scottsdale. The owner just really liked the sidewinder rattlesnake, and I pitched the idea of rebuilding the booth area into a new bar with stools, and the Sidewinder head wrapping around the new brick piers. We made it out of foam and coated it with resin modified concrete. It was a powerful statement piece at the entrance, and she really loved it. The story has a sad ending, though; the new owner never made payments and absconded in the middle of the night, cutting off the snake and stealing it. He took all the equipment and booze, too. We’re still looking for it!

AFM: What are you looking forward to in 2021?
CJ: Creative opportunities, working with different materials and processes. I get very excited at the beginning of a project, just thinking of the possibilities and brainstorming with the clients, making presentation sketches and drawings, and looking at different ways of arriving at the elegant solution!

AFM: How can people get in touch for commissions?

CJ: Cell phone is 480-200-5696, or email Carl@jansenart.com. Website is www.jansenart.com, also www.carljansen.com

“Golden Apple”, Golden Apple Anti-Aging Center, Litchfield Park, AZ

AFM: Please feel free to add anything else!
CJ: At this stage of my career, I prefer to work with pleasant people who are interested in making their homes and spaces individualized and customized, with original artwork that is truly meaningful to them…Especially if it can be integrated into the building or landscaping!

“Fitness Center and Game Room Column” at The Elements at ASU, Tempe, AZ

All photos courtesy Carl Jansen

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