Craving Vintage? Visit The Embellished House

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If vintage and unique are two words you commonly use to describe when hunting for the perfect home piece, then you need to check out The Embellished House in North Scottsdale. Adorned with fabulous items to add to every room in your house, the store is a vintage junkie’s heaven. Each piece has been hand picked by owner, Nancy Ruben from around the country.

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Many pieces were once working objects of past years from old schools, factories, libraries and stores. Signs, books, clocks, chairs, shelves and trinkets fill the space. For someone on the hunt for a specific item, this is it. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Nancy and she’ll help you find it. Constantly traveling the country and picking out pieces, the store is ever changing and constantly filled with new items. Even if you’re not looking to redecorate, the store is worth a drop by. A truly eclectic experience with lots to peruse, visit The Embellished House today.

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The Embellished House
15551 N. Greenway/Hayden Loop
Scottsdale, AZ
(480) 991-2610

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