Convertible Dining/Pool Table

Convertible furniture is no longer limited to sleeper sofas and ottomans that double as coffee tables.

Chevillotte of France has just launched Heimo, the first eco-design contemporary dining table, which doubles up as a billiard table that complies with the standards of the sport at the highest level. With Heimo, Chevillotte has developed an innovative concept, which combines essential environmental concerns with aesthetic requirements, without neglecting product performance.


Heimo is a functional and high-quality billiard-cum-dining table, which was designed with both aesthetic and environmental concerns in mind. Chevillotte manufactures Heimo in France to the highest standards, making it suitable for the practice of billiards up to competitive levels.

Heimo is made of PEFC-certified solid beech wood, the European eco-label guaranteeing that the forest supplying the timber is under sustainable management.

Intended for those who like entertaining guests, Heimo was primarily designed as a dining table. Fitted with its tabletop, it can accommodate up to six to eight guests for a meal.

Its solid beech or oak finish makes Heimo suitable for all interiors; the table comes in two colours: ebony or light beech. Its refined design and its name — Heimo means ‘tribe’ in Finnish — are evocative of the Nordic lifestyle, imbued with warmth and conviviality, explains the company. Bernard Moïse, a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (Advanced National School for Industrial Creation, i.e. the Paris school of design), created the table.

The Pan-European Forest Certification programme, which has become the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), carries an eco-label intended to support and facilitate the sustainable, long-term management of forests. The PEFC eco-label is awarded for wood products or timber-based products that are at least 70% derived from forests meeting the guidelines laid down by the PEFC scheme at national and regional level, in the various countries of Europe.

Since 1860, Chevillotte has been one of the five leading players worldwide in the manufacturing of billiard tables. Its wide range of billiard tables — with styles going from the most classic to the most contemporary — enjoys a well-established international reputation, particularly in the world of billiards competitions.

Drawing on its proven expertise in the field, the company also restores antique billiard tables made of precious wood (amaranth, lemon tree, ebony, sycamore, etc.), and it once restored — as part of a corporate-sponsorship operation involving the Château de Versailles — a billiards table that had belonged to King Louis XVI of France (1754-1793).

Currently Chevillote exports to about 40 countries. To learn more, visit

  1. I have always been worried about ordering a table online without actually seeing it in a store first but this table is everything I hoped it would be. We were looking for the perfect gathering table that could also double as a dining table since our place is limited in size and this fit the bill perfectly.

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