Air Plants: The Curious Low-Maintenance House Plant

air plant tillandsia

If you love having plants around your home, but don’t have much of a green thumb, there are several plant selections that might be right for you. Like succulents, air plants are a simple and low-maintenance option for bringing greenery into your home.

These unique and curious plants grow without soil, and most get the nutrients that they need from the air, but also need to be misted a few times a week with water. The amount of water required varies based upon the type of air plant, the season and the climate.

Air plants can can be displayed in many decorative ways. They can be placed in planters, glass jars, rocks, terrariums or even just in open air. These unique-looking plants will definitely serve as a conversation starter for guests in your home, so be creative when choosing homes for your air plants.

There are over 650 different types of air plants, so when purchasing one for your home, be sure to research the species and how to care for it in the climate in which you live.

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