5 Most Popular Home Aesthetics Trends in Arizona

The most popular home aesthetics trends in Arizona have been revealed. Palm Paradise Real Estate analyzed the average number of monthly Google searches for different home aesthetics to determine the hottest décor styles in each state nationwide. 

Arizona’s top five home aesthetics range in style, with Boho being the most popular. Homeowners are also showing interest in more raw, edgy decor, as well as futuristic styles. Here are the most popular home aesthetics in the Grand Canyon State.

1. Boho

Boho or Bohemian is the most popular home aesthetic in Arizona with 1,709 monthly searches. Boho is defined as a free-spirited and eclectic style that embraces a variety of patterns, textures and colors. Common decor in boho-style rooms includes tapestries, woven wall hangings, plants and earthy tones.  

2. Steampunk

Steampunk follows Boho as the second most popular home aesthetic in Arizona with 913 average monthly Google searches. Steampunk uses a combination of Victorian-era design, industrial decor and fantasy aesthetics that are inspired by steam-powered machinery from the 19th century and science fiction. Think rich, dark colors like deep browns, burgundy and metallic tones.

3. Farmhouse

The Farmhouse aesthetic is Arizona’s third most popular home decor style with 801 total monthly searches. Farmhouse brings a pleasant and rustic element to a home while providing a welcoming and simple environment. Wooden beams are often on display to see, as well as reclaimed wood accents and authentic decor. The Farmhouse color palette is most commonly neutral with lots of whites and soft tones. 

4. Grunge

Grunge takes fourth place in Arizona with 784 average monthly Google searches. Drawing inspiration from alternative music and fashion of the 90’s, Grunge is raw, edgy, and effortlessly stylish. The Grunge aesthetic is centered around plaid patterns, dark hues and eclectic decor that bring a relaxed, non-traditional element to a home. 

5. Y2K

The Y2K aesthetic is Arizona’s fifth most popular home design trend with 585 monthly searches. Y2K nods to the futuristic design trends of the late ’90s and early 2000s by incorporating a blend of sleek, modern features and fun, nostalgic touches, such as metallic finishes and unique shapes. Common materials and decor used in the Y2K aesthetic include plastic, glass and high-tech pieces, as well as objects with curves and asymmetry.

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