Meet The Celeb Favorite Fitness Brand- What Waist?

What Waist is an inclusive lifestyle brand that creates athletic gear and equipment to help you tone your body quickly and easily. They provide the workout accessories you need to succeed in your fitness journey. This isn’t just an exercise company, it’s an entire movement.

Founded on self-improvement and rooted in self-love, What Waist’s mission is to help Warriors achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. 

A Warrior is strong, fearless, and unstoppable; it is their belief that although our Warriors have weathered the most powerful storms within themselves and out, a true warrior is also kind, smart, and peaceful.

They truly believe in equality and continue to encourage diversity as every Warrior is beautiful and one-of-a-kind.  

ThermaTech Vapor

The signature silver lining is made from a unique metallic material that’s designed to trap your body heat, making you sweat and increasing the number of fat cells you lose.

ThermaTech Vapor is also antimicrobial, soft on the skin, and naturally cooling, so you never have to worry about feeling sticky and you can keep smelling fresh when you hit the gym. It never stops working and is totally exclusive to What Waist. You won’t find it anywhere else.


A key player in compression technology, SWEATtech combines layers of woven latex with curved metal rods. By creating excess warmth in these parts, your body produces more sweat and in turn, allows you to get rid of excess water weight and toxins.

The flexible SWEATtech rods compress and define your shape over time, helping you achieve the real results you want. 

Your favorite influencers and celebrities, such as Lizzo, Halle from ChloexHalleBrandyJeannie MaiMalika HaqqBarbie Blank, and Olivia Pierson are sporting this hottest new fitness brand, 

What Waist! The brand is making waves for bringing fitness back to fashion, with performance gear designed to help you get the most out of your workouts. What Waist is an absolute must-have during your workouts!

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